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 RUPEES 499ای کامرسمیں آپ کو خوش آمدید کہتےہیں  E COMMERCE COURSES in pakistan

🔥200+ Premium and Paid Courses, 300GB+  course worth is 1000$ (Royalty Free) Ecommerce Courses Shahid anwar mentorship 

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✔️All the Courses are in Video Form. Not pdf or Zip files.(Urdu Language)

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Following payment methods available are acceptable.

Following payment methods available:


✅Bank transfer



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Importance of Ecommerce in new years

  1. Convenience and Accessibility E-commerce allows customers to shop from anywhere at any time.

  2. This convenience and accessibility are expected to continue to drive its growth in the future. Consumers are increasingly demanding convenient and hassle-free shopping experiences, and e-commerce offers just that.

  3. Global Reach E-commerce has the potential to reach customers from all around the world, breaking down geographical barriers and expanding the customer base for businesses.

  4. This trend is now become famous and  as more people gain access to the internet and become comfortable with online shopping and also use services for earning.
  5. Personalization E-commerce offers businesses the opportunity to personalize the shopping experience for customers by offering tailored product recommendations and personalized marketing messages.

  6. This level of personalization is expected to become even more advanced in the future, driven by advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  7. Integration with Social Media Social media platforms are increasingly becoming an important part of the e-commerce.

  8. Landscape, with businesses using platforms like Instagram and Facebook to sell their products directly to customers. This trend is expected to continue, with social media becoming even more integrated with e-commerce platforms in the future.

  9. Mobile Commerce With more people accessing the internet on their smartphones, mobile commerce is expected to become even more important in the future.

  10. E-commerce businesses that prioritize mobile optimization will be well-positioned to take advantage of this trend.


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